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ATFX 2021 Review- A Reliable Online Brokerage Platform

AT Group, a financial solutions provider, introduced the trading platform ATFX in 2017. Following an impressive industry launch four years ago, it is now regarded as one of the more reliable financial instrument suppliers in the market. Apart from its London office, which is responsible for most of its operations, it also has four leg offices that are well-regulated by financial authorities. 

To date, the platform has a total of 1,200 subscribers. Having been introduced just recently, this subscription volume can be accounted mainly from the company’s low pricing. . Traders will select from the company’s vast asset portfolio and use the highly praised MetaTrader 4 platform for a low fee. Traders’ profit margins are also boosted thanks to cutting-edge technology that connects them to a variety of liquidity suppliers. 

Note, however, that subscriptions are no longer accessible. This was mainly due to the company’s policy of prioritizing financial institutions over elective and institutional clients, which resulted in withdrawal from the retail and short-term financial services market.

ATFX 2021 Review- A Reliable Online Brokerage Platform

ATFX Trading Platforms 

Trading is made easier thanks to ATFX’s use of MetaTrader 4, a third-party platform noted for its high performance and advanced functionality. Installation would not be difficult because it is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Android and iOS. As it is considered as the most reliable within the industry, clients are ensured that all trading conditions are met and profitability is guaranteed. 

Listed below are some of the MetaTrader’s laudable features: 

• Customer service in different trading systems, as well as a multilingual application

• Liquidity-rich Virtual Private Server

• Indicators, Expert Advisors, scripting, and archives that can all be customized to your liking

• Exclusive charting software 

Even better, MetaTrader 4 now has a WebTrader counterpart that is specifically designed for web-based performance. It is cross-browser compatible and does not need any updates. The development of MT4 is based on ease of use and inclusivity, so this version is intended to be user-friendly. This feature has a fantastic feature that allows you to position trades with just one click. It also integrates real-time data, allowing traders to make informed decisions based on all available data. Finally, it includes all of the features of the desktop platform, including the critically praised advanced charting.

ATFX Mobile Version 

The availability of mobile trading has made trading with ATFX much easier. The availability of MT4’s mobile counterpart, which liberated traders from the constraints of desktop and online trading, gave traders a lot of comfort. It also works with a variety of operating systems, making it one of the most adaptable platforms on the market.

The mobile version includes expert advisors and entirely customizable measurements. It was created to provide multilingual support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in order to reinforce an inclusive trading experience. The most remarkable feature, however, is its continuous stream of critical data and knowledge for decision-making.

ATFX 2021 Review- A Reliable Online Brokerage Platform

Trading Research and Education 

What stands as another impressive feature of ATFX is its research-related and educational materials. Webinars are its topmost priority and a wide array of sessions is available including discussions about technical know-hows and fundamentals of trading. The feed automatically refreshes after two weeks to render another batch of webinars. The previous batches are then archived for users to check. 

Note, however, that this is not free. It entails a separate fee, in which clients are asked to go for another registration process. After successful registration, participants will automatically receive an email disclosing the details and the link to the webinar. 

  Research, on the other hand, is as strong as its education section. It houses full-functioning analytics in order to derive insights from substantial analyses. This feature is reinforced by indicators and technical reports about the current market movement. More so, it utilizes the service of third-party providers to equip traders with accurate data and market readings. 

Get Involved 

ATFX has a number of solutions for clients that need assistance. It offers multilingual assistance to overseas clients, as previously stated. Requests may be sent via email, phone, or, more commendably, through live chat. This, along with the availability of MT4, mobile trading, a dynamic asset class range, and secure encryption, made it all the more worthy of investors’ subscription. Although it no longer accepts retail applications, those with large financial projects may still use AFTX to increase their profits.

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