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FortFS 2021 Overview

Fort Financial Services introduced FortFS in 2010. The platform was developed mainly from the company’s objective of providing financial solutions such as foreign exchange, futures, and contract for differences. It is currently headquartered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, from which most of its operations are processed. Meanwhile, its leg …

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Overview InstaForex

It was in 2007 that InstaForex was established, and it was founded with the aim of providing financial services to the retail market. It currently represents over 7,000,000 customers from across the globe after more than a decade of practice. The company’s main goal is to have the best trading …

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TickMill Broker Review

Admittedly, trading CFDs are tricky in that they are high-risk being subject to ever-changing market behavior. Mind you, it does not take into account the trading of the underlying asset that makes the trading endeavor even more complicated and befuddled with unpredictability and its own brand of risks. Having said …

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XM 2021- Complete Exchange Brokerage Firm Review

Trading Point Holding, a multinational provider of Contract for Difference and Foreign Exchange trading, launched XM as its financial solutions platform in 2009. The parent company’s two flagship brand, XM and Trading.com, are well-known in the industry for their optimum services and conditions.  Currently, XM has 1.5 million subscribers from …

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