The Millionaire Next Door

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The Millionaire Next Door


The majority of wealthy figures in the United States aren’t situated in Beverly Hills or on Park Avenue. Commonly, you can find them in the most unlikely of places like just at the neighborhood’s cul-de-sac.

The transfer of wealth commonly practiced in the United States follows a shared pattern, either through inheriting a fortune or through the advantages that come with having a degree. What’s interesting about this is the behavior of these wealthy people. They refuse to practice grandeur and sophisticated lifestyle by owning second-hand cars, opting out from competitive spending, completely turning away from blinding exhibitionism. In reality, the glamorous group that we deem “rich” is just a tiny fragment of the United States’ truly wealthy entirety. 

The Millionaire Next Door exposes the truth about America’s wealthy citizens, digging deeper into the commonalities that these people collectively share, recurring patterns that persist exclusively to this stratum. More so, these patterns were then put into analysis just so an individual, a commoner like you can follow and sit next to America’s wealthiest of the wealthy.

According to doctors Stanly and Danko, becoming wealthy is not a laborious task as one previously thought of. All they have to do is follow seven simple guidelines. This involves living way below means and knowing the most viable occupation to endeavor in. As for the last five, one needs to buy the actual book in order to know as it is only fair since the author’s insights and advice are substantial and rooted in elite people’s experiences. In this revealing book, the authors will straightforwardly show how wealth entails self-induced sacrifice, discipline, and other traits that are rejected by this capitalist structure. 

About the Authors

THOMAS J. STANLEY – was born and raised in America. He was popular for his laudable proposals of business theories. His greatest works in the financial literature are The Millionaire Next Door and The Millionaire Mind. Both of which made it to New York Time’s Best-Selling list of financial books. 

WILLIAM D. DANKO –  He co-authored the best-selling financial book, The Millionaire Next Door. After his three decades of experience in the marketing department, he gained emeritus status in 2007 at the University of New York. Currently, he is living in New York with his family. 

Table of Contents




  • Chapter One: Meet the Millionaire
  • Chapter Two: Frugal Frugal Frugal 
  • Chapter Three: Time, Energy, and Money
  • Chapter Four: You Aren’t What You Drive
  • Chapter Five: Economic Outpatient Care
  • Chapter Six: Affirmative Action, Family Style
  • Chapter Seven: Find Your Niche
  • Chapter Eight: Jobs: Millionaires versus Heirs


  • Appendix One
  • Appendix Two
  • Appendix Three

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