Black Edge: Inside Information, Dirty Money, and the Quest to Bring Down the Most Wanted Man on Wall Street by Sheelah Kolhatkar


Sheelah Kohalktar presents the dark history of Wall Street through her writing, Black Edge. This book is considered by some as a true-crime suspense book that exposes what is described as the root of all evil – love for money, in this sense, the corruption that revolved in one of the biggest hedge fund businesses, the Wall Street.   

The book, as the title suggests, involves a forensic study and the quest for the truth more than being a trading story. Kohalktar has the ability to tell a complicated story to a readable one by making financial terms understandable to common readers. Discover the dark past of today’s successful Wall Street through perusing Black Edge.

About the Author

Sheelah Kolhaktar is working for The New Yorker, where she writes about Silicon Valley, Wall Street, etc. She formerly served as a hedge fund analyst and spoke at numerous conferences and even on different broadcast outlets. 

Table of Contents

The book contains the following contents:

Prologue: The Flip

Part I

Chapter 1: Money, Money, Money

Chapter 2: What Stevie Wants, Stevie Gets

Chapter 3: Murderers’ Row

Part II

Chapter 4: It’s Like Gambling at Rick’s

Chapter 5: Edgy, Proprietary Information

Chapter 6: Conflict of Interest

Chapter 7: Stuff That Legends Are Made Of

Part III

Chapter 8: The Informant

Chapter 9: The Death of Kings

Chapter 10: Occam’s Razor

Chapter 11: Undefeatable

Chapter 12: The Whale

Chapter 13: Karma

Chapter 14: The Life Raft

Part IV

Chapter 15: Justice

Chapter 16: Judgment


Cast of Characters


Notes and Sources


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