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NinjaTrader 2021 Review- Features, Pros, Cons, and Overall Verdict

NinjaTrader was introduced in 2003 as a brokerage platform. It is operated by Long Ridge Equity Partners LLC headquartered in Denver, Colorado and Chicago, Illinois. It has been an active member of the National Futures Association and is highly compliant with the organizations’ policies for U.S. derivatives.  While the platform was independently operated, it is still filed as an introducing broker. This status means that funds of its clients are kept by a separate brokerage firm, and its services are just outsourced. 

NinjaTrader was developed specifically for day traders engaging in futures, Foreign Exchange, Contract for differences, and shares. To date, it has laudable market traction, and its subscription already breached the 60,000 mark. Its growing popularity could be attributed mainly to its unique trading functions including trade simulation, market analytics, professional charting, backtesting and optimization, and automated strategy creation. 

NinjaTrader platform allows open source capabilities. With the use of such, clients are given access to a wide selection of financial markets. More so, the system is rooted in ease of use as it provides an efficient experience starting from registration up to the actual trading. 

NinjaTrader Salient Features 

With various trading platforms now out in the market, clients are in search for the one that bears lasting significance in trading. To enumerate, below are some of NinjaTrader’s features that put it on the levels of the popular MetaTrader. 

Personalization- This platform was designed with traders in mind. Its highly customizable features will then allow traders to work on trades with higher efficacy and larger margin for profits. It comes with floating windows and indicators that reinforce the overall trading; features that are not usually provided on other platforms. 

Optimum System-As mentioned above, the system was carefully engineered to allow smooth and seamless trading. From installing, which only takes less than ten minutes, up to actual trading, clients are guaranteed that rough points are reduced. 

Algorithm- Since scripts and other algorithmic functions greatly helps experienced traders, NinjaTrader has ramped up its stream and implemented 8 ports that provide real-time scripting. 

Free Simulation- NinjaTrader is equipped with a free trial of automated upgrade of either random or live data. After building a workable trading strategy, this can be upgraded into an account with pre-loaded capital. 

NinjaTrader Disadvantages 

True enough, NinjaTrader’s core features highly benefit it’s traders. However, the platform also carries its own set of setbacks that interested parties must put be mindful of. These disadvantages are as follows:

Weak Market Analyzer– One of the issues commonly encountered by its users is its slow market analyzer. The function can only process less than 100 symbols, in which lagging may be experienced if the count supersedes the limit. 

Lack of Application- Compared to other trading platforms with mobile counterparts, NinjaTrader fell short in providing a mobile version. As for those who want to use CQG Mobile, it may be availed upon subscription to the brokerage firm. 

Level of Difficulty- The older version of NinjaTrader came daunting for newbie traders, and it is only those with an advanced level of mastery can navigate their way through. This was given remedy, however, as the developers came up with an upgrade equipped with video tutorials, webinars, and guides. 

Narrow Coverage- The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies left NinjaTrader unfit for trading. While there has been a feature that processes crypto data, order execution still needs to be integrated in the system. To date, it is only beneficial for traders in the retail sector. 

Additional Features 

Looking past its disadvantages, NinjaTrader compensates by providing additional features. These added functions are impressive as all sit well for clients’ demands. Its charting tools, for example, are greatly lauded as they deliver comprehensive market analysis, wide timeframes, and in-house indicators.  More so, it stands as one of the few platforms that offer trade management. With the help of such, clients are given professional advice about trading. 


For those in search of a powerful software and financial platform, consider using NinjaTrader. While there have been some setbacks in terms of processing, usability, and coverage, it heavily compensates by providing the necessary tools for trading. With a highly-customizable interface, large collection of indicators, free simulation, and optimum scripting, clients will surely make the most out of trading while enjoying larger margin of profitability.

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