Capital Markets and Investments: Essential Insights and Concepts for Professionals (1st Edition)

This book is suitable for readers, even without background knowledge about basic financial concepts centered on the financial capital markets. It also banks on institutional details of the finance, going beyond the conceptual issues. Moreover, this book also features different tools, including Bloomberg and accounting annexures, macroeconomics, and statistics. 


Capital Markets and Investments presents a concise and easy-to-digest approach of explaining ideas and concepts about asset classes as well as equity markets and portfolio theory. It also reconciles the theoretical construct and practical insights. 

About the Author

Dr. Siddharta Ghosh Dasitar is teaching at Columbia University, teaching courses in capital markets and investments. A Ph.D. degree holder in Finance & Economics from Columbia Business School in New York, Siddhartha has twenty years of experience in the financial services industry. 

Table of Contents

The book is comprised of the following contents:

  • The Financial System – Introduction 

Key Players on the Financial System

Specialization within the financial system

Principles of pricing financial instruments

  • Major Asset Classes and Markets

Major Types of Instruments

Major Asset Classes

Connections between different markets

  • The Anatomy of the Sell Side

Structure of a Bulge Bracket Sell-side Firm

Basic Market Microstructure

  • Overview of Buy Side Firms

Investment Styles

Investment Product offerings

Capital Owners

Working at a buy-side firm

  • Indices, Benchmarking, Risk Models and Performance Evaluation

Benchmark Indices vs. Strategy Indices

Index Mechanics and Terminology

Measuring Risk – Risk Models

Performance Evaluation

  • Factors Affecting Treasury Bond Prices

Reviewing Bond Price-Yield Relationship

Choosing Between Bonds

Quantifying Interest Rate Risk in Treasuries

Hedging Interest Rate Risk

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