Cycle Analytics for Traders

Review Cycle Analytics for Traders, + Downloadable Software: Advanced Technical Trading Concepts 


Cycle Analytics for Traders


When looking for a handbook that will guide a trader like you to a clear understanding of the science behind signal tools and technical indicators relied upon traders when making trading decisions, Cycle Analytics for Traders might be the book that you are looking for. Replete with impact solutions, this book offers plentiful pickings for both beginning and experienced traders. 

About the Author

John Ehlers was an electrical engineer in an aerospace firm. He is a senior trader and studied the technical aspect of trading, leading him to write trading books with an emphasis on technical analysis. He also spoke at international conferences and discovered Maximum Entropy Spectrum Analysis.

Table of Contents

The book presents the following topics:

Chapter 1 Unified Filter Theory

Chapter 2 SMAs, EMAs, or Other?

Chapter 3 Smoothing Filters on Steroids

Chapter 4 Decyclers

Chapter 5 Band-Pass Filters

Chapter 6 Market Structure and the Hurst Coefficient

Chapter 7 Spectral Dilation

Chapter 8 Autocorrelation

Chapter 9 Fourier Transforms

Chapter 10 Comb Filter Spectral Estimates

Chapter 11 Adaptive Filters

Chapter 12 The Even Better Sinewave Indicator

Chapter 13 Convolution

Chapter 14 The Hilbert Transformer

Chapter 15 Indicator Transforms

Chapter 16 SwamiCharts

Chapter 17 Swing-Trading Strategies

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