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Overview InstaForex

It was in 2007 that InstaForex was established, and it was founded with the aim of providing financial services to the retail market. It currently represents over 7,000,000 customers from across the globe after more than a decade of practice. The company’s main goal is to have the best trading experience possible and to become the most sought-after brokerage firm in the European Union. 

Clients will certainly make the most of trading and improve their profitability thanks to the ECN framework, impressive asset collection, market analysts, and authoritative research materials. The company’s respectable history was also time-tested and established, as it has bagged numerous industry awards since its founding.

InstaForex’s services are heavily lauded for numerous reasons, one of which is the platform’s incorporation of cutting-edge technologies. Its quick and flawless execution is largely owed to the company’s nine data centers that provide a consistent and hassle-free experience. These are then bolstered by 25 overseas satellite offices, ensuring seamless communication. Though InstaForex has tight market adhesion for its sponsorship and ancillary facilities, one major downside that clients may face is its wide spread quotation.

Overview InstaForex

InstaForex Trading Education and Research 

One aspect that comes as a big priority of InstaForex’s company is to provide traders with professionally designed education and analytics, which includes not only learning classes, videos, webinars, and workshops, but also daily market commentary and analysis. This makes new traders feel at ease and reinforced as it is, of course, an important part of trading success. Experienced traders may well appreciate the materials and analysis-related resources that are offered as they exude convenience, authoritativeness, and high level of efficacy. 

As for the research section, it is operated by over 30 industry experts. These professionals work hand in hand to provide collaborative substantial insights. Note, however, that analyses do not bear similar impacts as some logics are presented without adequate reasoning or bases.

Customer Assistance 

For customer service, InstaForex has launched a set of contact networks. These especially classified lines, which are hosted on servers in Cyprus and Slovakia, are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be used in any language. Clients can reach InstaForex via e-mail, phone, and a range of social media channels. It also has a callback feature and a live chat feature that offers real-time resolution.

InstaForex Salient Features 

Social trading, or more commonly called as copy trading, is one aspect that has been gaining attention in the financial industry. ForexCopy, InstaForex’s version of a social trading website, is available, and this stands as an advantage for clients who want to integrate, utilize, and review successful trading techniques and infrastructure. This mechanism encourages traders to deliver methods while also encouraging others to take the platform’s commission-based system to its full advantage.

Overview InstaForex

Account Selection 

InstaForex has four accounts at its disposal. However, trading conditions were not adequately disclosed on the website, creating uncertainty for anyone who may want to subscribe to an account. The terms and conditions of each account are described below.

The entry-level account, also known as the standard account, has a fixed spread ranging between 2.0 and 7.0. Although there is no minimum deposit needed, the trading costs are still high due to the fixed spread, which often comes daunting for those who might want to open this account.

Reviewing the ECN and Scalping accounts, both have a floating spread of 1.2 pips. They do not charge fees, but they do demand a minimum investment of $100. According to online feedback, while these have a reasonable fee, they are both insufficient in terms of offering an ideal trading experience.

So far, the Eurica came to be the most adaptable because its terms are structured to meet the needs of both inexperienced and seasoned traders. The spread may be enjoyed for as low as 0.0 pips, with a fee ranging from 0.2 to 0.7 percent. With these convenient and highly favorable trading conditions, the Insta.Eurica account instantly became the flagship account of InstaForex.

Get Involved 

True to its word, InstaForex has established itself as one of the industry’s forerunners. The availability of optimal functionality and trading conditions led to its high market traction. Trading became more optimum and effective as a collaborative effort of persistent tight security, excellent account range, and commendable attentive customer service. Although it does not bear any unique edge against its competitors,it does have a decent and reputable background.

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