Laughing at Wall Street

Review Laughing at Wall Street: How I Beat the Pros at Investing 


Laughing at Wall Street


Laughing at Wall Street is a collection of narratives of different ordinary people finding success in everyday life situations creatively written by Chris Camillo. This book takes us to the unknown of ordinary life. It talks about how one can find great fortune in a simple, yet intelligent investing. 

These fresh ideas in investing break the mindset of people and aspiring investors that it takes hefty amounts of money to make a successful investment in fancy investment firms, including Wall Street.

Discover your road to wise and successful investing by reading these stories of success out of the ordinary!

About the Author

Chris Camillo is an ordinary person who has the ability to make simple investments profitable. He invested in the stock market in 2007, with only $20,000 that grew to a whopping $2 million after three years. After getting a good fortune from investing in stock, Camillo founded TickerTags, a social analytics firm that rose to popularity after predicting Brexit results in 2016. He remains active in sharing secrets to success in investing by posting webinars on his YouTube channel. 

Table of Contents

The book has the following contents:



1. “Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo”

Investments of a Twelve-year-old

2. If It’s Broken, Fix It

3. Nobody Knows Anything

Zoning out the Financial “Experts” and “Professionals”

4. Other People’s Money

Trading a Life of Financial Mediocrity for Financial Prosperity

5. See It, Believe It!

How to View Your World through Investor’s Glasses

6. Zero Financial Literacy Required

Investigative Due Diligence for the Math and Finance Impaired

7. You Know Something They Don’t

Outsmarting Wall Street’s Brightest

8. You Have People, Too!

Monetizing Your Virtual Network

9. Fake It Till You Make It!

How Stock Options Can “Super-Size” Your Investment Returns

10. Life with Investor’s Glasses

11. Success Stories

Appendix: An Invitation to Wall Street’s Underworld



About the Author


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