Meet the Frugalwoods: Achieving Financial Independence Through Simple Living

Meet the Frugalwoods: Achieving Financial Independence Through Simple Living


Meet the Frugalwoods is a personal account of the critically acclaimed blogger Elizabeth Willard Thames. This book is a narration of her choices and how these put her in a life of prosperity. The Thames elucidated in this book her journey of walking away from city dreams and urban life to pursue frugality to find meaning and attain a purpose-driven life. This personal narrative is humble, more of a novel type that inspires readers to know that happiness isn’t always grandeur. 

Much is said about its underlying themes, and this is a story of how Thames and her husband Nate came into the realization that what’s ideal for them is to tread the road less traveled. Through this awakening, both have pursued to create a life rooted in frugality, all while being determined to attain financial independence at an early age. Though not everyone may view life in woods as an ideal pursuit, the majority can agree that a life of balance- where we can freely control our time and money is as important. Using this book as a guide and inspiration, readers can also attain such. 


Elizabeth Willard Thames is known as a blogger with her contents, mostly about finance. She is the voice behind the critically-acclaimed site Launched back in 2014, Frugalwoods renders advice concerning finance, early retirement, and lifestyle. She dropped the life of prestige and went out to pursue frugality with her husband and daughter. Currently, she is now retired, with sixty-six acres of land on Vermont. 

Thames has a degree Bachelor’s degree in political science and creative writing from the University of Kansas. In line, she also holds a master’s degree in public administration from American University.  


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  • My Years of Food Stamps and Billionaires
  • The Tumblers of Adulthood
  • A Different Kind of Grindstone
  • That One Time We Bought a House
  • Our Watershed Coffee Shop Conversation: A Dream Is Hatched
  • Our First Month of Extreme Frugality
  • Less Makeup, More Confidence
  • What Is Financial Independence Anyway?
  • Turns Out, Frugality Is About More Than Money, Much More. 
  • Fighting Back Against the Baby-Industrial Complex 
  • That One Time We Bought a Homestead 
  • Birth: Something That Never Goes According to Plan
  • The Busiest Four Months of Our Lives
  • Our Third Way
  • Smoothing Out the Happiness

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