Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain

Review Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain


Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain


Technology seems to have no ceiling, and just when we thought that technology is at its peak, we are introduced to another set of developments and tech advancements. Mastering Bitcoin is an introductory guide about the recently discovered technology that has revolutionized the financial landscape. This was written to introduce the complexities of bitcoin technology and to impart necessary information relevant to the said discovery. This purpose was carried out by a higher goal of making individuals an active participant in this virtual trend. 

Bitcoin, together with its associated cryptographic function, is flexible enough that it highly appeals to wide strata. Whether one is in the process of creating an application, starting investors, or technology savvy, this guide is sure to render imperative information that will help one ace and understand this complex and rather helpful technology.

The second edition of Mastering Bitcoin involves a thorough discussion of the following:

  • Introduction to bitcoin technology for beginners, investors, and businessmen.
  • In-depth discussion of bitcoin functions for engineers and system developers
  • Bitcoin as a decentralized network, person-to-person framework, transaction methods, and security
  • Innovations 
  • A meticulous rundown of keys and wallets 
  • User narratives, insights, and explanation of technical concepts

About the author

Andreas Antonopoulos is a world-renowned publisher, financial academic, and speaker with high expertise and knowledge about bitcoin technology. He gained popularity through his unique method of teaching that collectively utilizes economic, psychology, and gamification to comprehensively deliver lectures. He is a seasoned expert in the field of bitcoin, whereas he launched several bitcoin companies and worked for various cryptocurrency firms.

Table of contents 


Quick Glossary

  • Chapter 1- Introduction
  • Chapter 2- How Bitcoin Works
  • Chapter 3- Bitcoin Core: The Reference Implementation
  • Chapter 4- Keys, Addresses
  • Chapter 5- Wallets 
  • Chapter 6- Transactions
  • Chapter 7- Advanced Transactions and Scripting
  • Chapter 8- The Bitcoin Network 
  • Chapter 9- The Blockchain
  • Chapter 10- Mining and Consensus 
  • Chapter 11- Bitcoin Security
  • Chapter 12- Blockchain Applications
  1. The Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto
  2. B. Transaction Script Language Operators, Constants, and Symbols
  3. Bitcoin Improvement Proposals
  4. Bitcore
  5. Pycoin, ku, and tx
  6. Bitcoin Explorer(bx) Commands

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