Mastering Private Equity Set

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Mastering Private Equity Set


This set is complete with two guidebooks with the first book written with great respect to private equity principles and theories in order to serve as an introduction and implement learning on surrounding concepts of the field while the other is to administer know-hows necessary for application. 

The first book, titled Mastering Private Equity, was written with great consideration to advanced practitioners of the field. This renders an intelligent and meticulous guidebook for professional investors, seasoned financial professionals, students, or anyone wanting to engage in private equity endeavors. 

This book encompasses different theories and concepts of private equity, including deal sourcing, exits, responsible investment, development of operational value, and risk management. This book was written to synthesize surrounding private equity information as it tries to fragmentize individual concepts into sub-parts for a relatively intelligent acquisition of knowledge.

The second book, Private Equity in Action, vicariously drives one through essentials of private equity investment by presenting researches and case studies developed and formulated by Institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires or commonly known as the European Institute of Business Administration.

This book suits Mastering Private Equity perfectly well as both are necessary to effectively present theories and practices in the field of private equity. Such a structure allows readers to employ key theories to investment targets and portfolio companies in practice. With nineteen case studies presented, one will acquire insights on matters, including managerial challenges and risk-reward dynamics, which are usually persisting trends in the private equity landscape.  

About the Author

Claudia Zeisberger is the author of the private equity set. Presently, she is a Senior Associate Professor at INSEAD with specialization on Decision Sciences and Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise. In line with her academic venture, she established INSEAD’s private equity center (GPEI) as she currently acts as its Academic Director. 

Prior to her current posting in INSEAD, he initially endeavored in the investment banking field in different cities, including New York, London, Singapore, Frankfurt, and Tokyo. She also made commendable findings in the field of PE in emerging markets. 

Table of Contents 

List of Contributors

Foreword by Henry R. Kravis, Co-Chairman and Co-CEO of KKR 


How to Use This Book 

Section I Private Equity Overview 

  • Chapter 1 Private Equity Essentials
  • Chapter 2 Venture Capital 
  • Chapter 3 Growth Equity 
  • Chapter 4 Buyouts 
  • Chapter 5 Alternative Strategies 

Section II Doing Deals in PE 

  • Chapter 6 Deal Sourcing & Due Diligence 
  • Chapter 7 Target Valuation 
  • Chapter 8 Deal Pricing Dynamics 
  • Chapter 9 Deal Structuring 
  • Chapter 10 Transaction Documentation 

Section III Managing PE Investments 

  • Chapter 11 Corporate Governance 
  • Chapter 12 Securing Management Teams 
  • Chapter 13 Operational Value Creation 
  • Chapter 14 Responsible Investment 
  • Chapter 15 Exit 

Section IV Fund Management and the GP–LP Relationship 

  • Chapter 16 Fund Formation 
  • Chapter 17 Fundraising 
  • Chapter 18 LP Portfolio Management 
  • Chapter 19 Performance Reporting 
  • Chapter 20 Winding Down a Fund 

Section V The Evolution of PE 

  • Chapter 21 LP Direct Investment 
  • Chapter 22 Listed Private Equity 
  • Chapter 23 Risk Management
  • Chapter 24 Private Equity Secondaries 
  • Chapter 25 Evolution of Private Equity 


About the Authors 



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