Make the Deal: Negotiating Mergers and Acquisitions

Make the Deal: Negotiating Mergers and Acquisitions


Make the Deal remains to be one of the most comprehensive and effective books about mergers and acquisitions. This comes in the form of a guide for readers to fully understand how the concept of M&A works. Through thorough discussions of business, finance, and law, one will have enough knowledge of the nature of negotiations and agreements. Much, this analyzes the implications of financial outcomes and its direct impact on the financial future. Make the Deal provides a panoramic view of the acquisition process that transitions to a discussion of various deal frameworks including, asset sales, stocks, mergers, and another complex form. All are essential during best practice as this will champion out deals. Insights about real-world circumstances are also comprehensively laid out together with guides on how to develop a sense of balance crucial for both parties in an attempt to increase value, negate risk, and identify possible dangers. Accounts of negotiations and authentic contract samples are presented with the intention of letting readers know that M&A is dynamic and has no absolute solutions.

It is worth noting that M&A is constant that its nature takes no solid form. Thus, being one step ahead of market movement is proven to be one of the most crucial skills that one needs to master. Relatively, strategies proven to be effective may falter the next time. Make the Deal opt-out from providing what-is information and employed how-to knowledge so one can assess which strategy is viable enough to enforce success. 

  • Understand the implications of M&A contract terms to economy 
  • Analyze strategies and mechanism of contemporary acquisition truce
  • Design a framework parallel to the chosen M&A technique
  • Track trends that persist in real-world cases 

What constitutes a successful M&A deal is mainly a consciousness of details, intellect, and a flare of creativity. Make the Deal collect, organize, and present all these to give lessons that will surely lead to success.   


Christopher S. Harrison works at The Falcon Wood Corporation as a Chief Investment Officer. He is known in the financial industry as the man to have landed various M&A deals while handling high-profile debt and large equity, making him one of the renowned negotiator and business strategist up to date.

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