Simple Money: A No-Nonsense Guide to Personal Finance

Review Simple Money: A No-Nonsense Guide to Personal Finance 


Simple Money: A No-Nonsense Guide to Personal Finance


The majority of people opt-out of managing their money and finances due to their inadequate know-how to the matter. As this continues to persist, a lot suffers worse as they carry on with their disorganized finances, bad money allocation, and unwise budgeting. However, what people fail to understand is personal finance talks much about personal more than it talks about finance. This ideology was carried out across the book, Simple Money. 

This book generally provides an overview of personal finance without the technicalities that made the activity a daunting task. The author intellectually compiled highly-complicated financial concepts into a comprehensive and action-driven discussion, making Simple Money a primer and authoritative guide for those who want to let go of financial inhibitions. 

In-depth discussions of financial related financial were presented to bring out and achieve the following adjectives: 

  • Self- development  through core values and goals in order to arrive at wise decision-making
  • Intelligently allocate major finances and expenses
  • Minimize and completely pay off debt
  • Smartly decide on crucial matters including auto, insurance, and home
  • Develop a high-tier investment portfolio
  • Develop a flexible retirement framework 

By subscribing to the lessons presented within this book, one will be amazed at how easy financial planning and personal finance are. Much, readers will acquire a sense of power and control in order to attain the financial freedom they always dream of having. 

About the Author 

Tim Maurer made personal finance a lot easier to understand with his book, Simple Money. He is a popular speaker, publisher, blogger, and professional financial advisor. He often graced television series, including Power Lunch, Street Signs, On the Money, and Nightly Business Report, in which he renders financial solutions and advice. 

Table of Contents 





 • Chapter 1: The Gift of Money: Money 101

 • Chapter 2: The Gift of Purpose: Personal Principles and Goals

 • Chapter 3: The Gift of Discipline: Household Cash Flow

• Chapter 4: The Gift of Enough: Debt and Financial Freedom 

• Chapter 5: The Gift of Discernment: Risk Management Decisions

• Chapter 6: The Gift of Security: Life Insurance 

• Chapter 7: The Gift of Certainty: Auto, Home, and Liability Insurance

• Chapter 8: The Gift of Health: Health, Disability Income, and Long-Term Care Insurance 

• Chapter 9: The Gift of Clarity: Investing and Portfolio Management 

• Chapter 10: The Gift of Transparency: Annuities

• Chapter 11: The Gift of Preparation: Tax Planning

• Chapter 12: The Gift of Learning: Education Planning

• Chapter 13: The Gift of Fulfillment: Retirement Planning

• Chapter 14: The Ultimate Gift: Estate Planning Wills

• Chapter 15: The Gift of Discretion: Choosing a Financial Advisor

• Chapter 16: The Gift of Action: Your Plan for Money and Life 


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