The International Handbook of Shipping Finance: Theory and Practice by MANOLIS G. KAVUSSANOS, ILIAS D. VISVIKIS


The International Handbook of Shipping Finance is a collective effort of several writers to provide a comprehensive guide to the ins and outs of shipping finance. It is deemed imperative to have an adequate and rather high level of knowledge on persisting trends and issues that the sector encounter since this is a multibillion-dollar venture. Presented in the book is a thorough discussion about the identification and validation of the capital’s alternative sources available in financing ships. It details methods of appraisal and budgeting necessary for shipping investment projects, legal and insurance principles of ship finance, financial analysis and structure of investments, mergers and acquisitions, and proper commercial risk management. 

With lessons on shipping finance, banking, maritime financial management, and investments, two renowned shipping finance professionals and 25 prominent market practitioners made sure to deliver comprehensive learning that encompasses a wide shipping finance framework. This delved deeper to business risk management and freight derivatives, financial analysis, and investment modeling, shipping markets, legal aspects and key clauses of ship mortgages, asset-backed finance, marine insurance, mechanisms for handling defaulted loans, public and private equity and debt markets, shipbuilding finance, investment appraisal and capital budgeting, structured finance, debt finance, and mergers and acquisitions. With all of the areas of shipping finance tapped in the book, one can conclude that this is an exhausting discussion meant to provide a meticulous rundown of all areas in the said venture. 

About the Authors 

Manolis G. Kavussanos currently works as a professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business. He administered operations as a director for both MSc and Ph.D. programs at the same university for five years, all while rendering services in Accounting and Finance. 

Ilias D. Visvikis is also a professor that specializes in Shipping Finance and Risk Management. Visvikis is also the director of Executive Education and Professional Development at World Maritime University, established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

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