The No-Spend Challenge Guide

Review The No-Spend Challenge Guide: How to Stop Spending Money Impulsively, Pay off Debt Fast, & Make Your Finances Fit Your Dreams


The No-Spend Challenge Guide


No-spend challenge? Seriously?

It sounds good in the paper; it might even sound good in your head. But of course, when it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably not. Not this book! 

Jen Smith’s “The No-Spend Challenge Guide: How to Stop Spending Money Impulsively, Pay off Debt Fast, & Make Your Finances Fit Your Dreams” is a work of wonders. It teaches one to manage finances and how to budget what is in hand properly. The book recognizes a persistent truth: that while you may have all the resources to be wise and thrifty, you may still be bad at executing the steps pertinent to fruition. 

Smith, who created, a debt freedom blog, had been able to pay the entirety of her $78,000 debt in less than 2 years. Her experience prompted her to share the strategy that she had used to get through the rough patch. What she called the No-Spend challenge changed her mindset and the conduct of her budget. She had outlined the method through “The No-Spend Challenge…” so that struggling persons who might be undergoing the same circumstance that she had gone through would be able to pry themselves out of such without breaking.

What’s Inside:

Through the book, a reader would learn:

  • Why budgeting alone is not enough 
  • The Psychology behind spending on impulse
  • How one can pay off his or her debt speedily without taking the fun out of life
  • Ways by which you can do things free of charge what you usually spend on too much
  • Saving money from financial responsibility
  • How you can make the most out of your time without having to spend

Easily Accessible

Written in a language that can easily be understood, “The No-Spend Challenge…” is a book that everyone could take from. Readers are in agreement that the book is not only an easy read but altogether motivating. It holds a great deal of truth that everyone, regardless of what they are trying to pay off, would be able to relate to and keep. The book doesn’t beat around the bush; it gets straight to the point. Satisfied consumers assent that the methods are no sham. They are realizable and completely practical. 

About the Author

Jen Smith is known for handling her personal finance blog, She also hosts the Frugal Friends Podcast. She has been featured in publications such as Time, Reader’s Digest, and the U.S. News & World Report, to mention a few.

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