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Tokenexus Introduction

Tokenexus is an online crypto exchange providing a speedy crypto trading of up to more than 20 cryptocurrencies coupled with the most favorable trading terms and a steady platform. It also showcases competitive rates and a secure crypto online wallet (in the form of a mobile app) to store crypto tokens. 

In this Tokenexus review, you are to unravel the most favorable terms and crypto trading features under Tokenexus and everything else that you need to know about the platform before signing up. This writing will also highlight the advantages and downsides of Tokenexus as a firm, learn from other traders about Tokenexus through customer reviews, and challenge false claims about its identity and conduct of service.

Tokenexus Introduction

Tokenexus Background

Odem House Ltd. or Tokenexus is an enigma in the online crypto community as it has yet to give its brand identity. Adding to this claim is the fact that finding a Tokenexus review via an online search engine is almost close to none. If you also navigate the platform’s official site, Tokenexus stipulated a generic introduction as a crypto service and failed to provide a comprehensive attestation about its inception and eventual emergence in the financial sector.

At the bottom part of its official site, however, Tokenexus stated its official business address in Estonia and its legitimacy as a private entity with its registration number along with its pair of licenses. These licenses pertain to license for providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against fiat currency and a license for providing a virtual cryptocurrency wallet service. Besides this, what the platform did present as part of its business information is its claim being a trusted crypto exchange and its linkages with several large commercial companies such as ShapeShift. 

If Tokenexus aims to attract more crypto traders, it has to identify itself as a reputable platform by being more transparent about its business information and increasing its presence in the online exchange community through numerous comprehensive reviews.

Tokenexus Features and Fees

Through the online exchange platform, traders can buy and sell major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin either through credit cards or bank transfers. The platform also features a fully operational mobile app which is one of the most-used apps for Bitcoin exchange across the globe. 

In terms of exchange rates, Tokenexus makes it available to clients after successfully completing the initial deposit transaction. Tokenexus also has a good customer support infrastructure as it caters to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Account Registration  

When opening an account with Tokenexus, the client simply has to accomplish the registration form provided in the platform’s official site that should be supported with a valid proof of identification and a valid proof of billing address. Only a single account can be registered under the client’s name. 

Crypto Online Wallet

Tokenexus also features a crypto wallet. Crypto Online wallet is in the form of a mobile application where users can check their transactions, balance history, and a compilation of analytics from professional traders. 


Aside from its business registration, Tokenexus did not display any document certifying its regulatory compliance to any financial institution. Hence, Tokenexus operates under the radar of governing regulatory bodies in its jurisdictions. 

However, the platform employs certain rules and policies addressing security breaches clients might encounter upon exchange with the company. For one, Tokenexus has an anti-money laundering policy at work to prevent money laundering. 

For another, it also has an existing KYC (Know Your Client) Policy which comprises several procedures to ensure the security of private and personal information of the clients. 

Tokenexus Introduction

 Tokenexus Customer Reviews 

After gleaning through the trading features, best terms, and offerings of Tokenexus, it is equally important to know about the platform from the perspective of traders who have availed the firm’s crypto trading services. Let us read-through some Tokenexus customer reviews to find out how this exchange fares in the service and if it stays true to its promises.

The first review is from a client name Marco. Here’s his take on Tokenexus’ service.

Marco (May 18, 2019, at 2:39 pm)

“For many, it is probably evident that today, cryptocurrency exchanges are the most effective platforms for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. However, it should be taken into account that each cryptocurrency exchange has its own level of commission for trading operations. That is why for me the most important points were and remain the percentage of commission and the speed of trading operations. As for the Tokenexus exchange, then both of these factors completely satisfy me.

For my part, I would like to advise the Tokenexus exchange management to expand the range of crypto coins further. Of course, crypto coins appear every month, and sometimes for this or that crypto exchange, it is challenging to monitor and introduce new crypto coins to the site continually. However, this is probably the only disadvantage of this crypto exchange. And although more than 20 leading cryptocurrencies are represented on the exchange, it seems to me that the correct vector of development of this crypto exchange could be an increase in this number. In all other respects, this crypto exchange is the most universal in the entire crypto market. If for someone the number of crypto coins represented on this exchange is not critical, then this exchange is exclusively for you. Perhaps there is no more reliable and efficient exchange today.”

(Text retrieved from https://tokenexus.business/)

This customer review is a good attempt of summarizing the pros and cons of signing in with Tokenexus as a crypto exchange. The client pointed out the platform’s distinct advantages over other crypto exchanges online (which are commission percentage and trading speed) and recommended to improve on its cryptocurrency offering to create more trading options and transactions. 

On a different level, here is Gabriel’s piece about his encounter with Tokenexus in comparison to a different exchange.

Gabriel (June 22, 2019, at 9:34 pm)

“Yesterday I first tried to trade on Tokenexus crypto exchange. I was pleasantly surprised that the Bitcoin rate here was much better than at Binance. Here is a straightforward interface, and it is elementary to understand the toolbar, so it is quite easy to trade. It is also worth noting that the trading speed is quite high. I was also pleasantly surprised by the large volume of offers for buying Bitcoin. Since at the moment I am trading with this cryptocurrency, this crypto exchange is so far optimal for me.”

(Text retrieved from https://tokenexus.business/)

This Tokenexus customer review highlights the streamlined functionality of Tokenexus’ crypto trading platform that eases the trader’s effort in trading. It also noted the trader’s opportunity to capitalize on Bitcoin’s huge trading volume in the exchange.

Tokenexus Introduction

Tokenexus Scammers 

Firms working in the financial sector are most commonly known to be susceptible to maligning attacks of customers who, in one way or another, have experienced financial loss due to unforeseen circumstances or even mismanagement. Tokenexus was no different from these firms who were accused of committing false services or scams, hence the term, Tokenexus scammers.

This is especially true in the case of Tokenexus, being an unfamiliar crypto exchange to many. Customers can easily claim that they were scammed after simply losing their trading capital to unwise trading decisions. These baseless claims may be coming from frustrations or even ignorance of certain technicalities in crypto trading or pertinent rules and policies set by the platform.

Once and for all, Tokenexus has not been proven guilty of committing fraudulent practices of any sort. Thus, Tokenexus is a valid and existing entity in the crypto trading community servicing to traders from several parts of the globe.

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