Options as a Strategic Investment

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Options as a Strategic Investment


The options market promises to be a good and viable investment for traders and investors. However, the daunting challenge of understanding how options work and its complicated world is the big, tough wall standing against those who would want to enter its markets. Options As A Strategic Investment offers investors the key to unlocking the doors hidden on the wall of the options market. 

The options community can now have easy access to their desired paths in the markets having this book as their guide. Containing graphs and charts to expound on profit and loss potential, margin requirements, etc., this book remains to be relevant in today’s options trading for traders to get a good grasp of the options and their endless options to trade profitably.

About the Author

Lawrence McMillan was the former senior vice president of the Equity Arbitrage Department at Thomson McKinnon. He is now working as the editor of The Option Strategist Newsletter. He wrote a number of articles on investment and options trading. He remains active in sharing his knowledge and expertise in options trading by speaking at conferences and writing books, including Options As A Strategic Investment

Table of Contents

The book presents the following contents:

Part I

Chapter 1 Definitions

Part II Covered Call Writing

Chapter 2 Covered Call Writing

Chapter 3 Call Buying

Chapter 4 Other Call Buying Strategies

Chapter 5 Naked Call Writing

Chapter 6 Ratio Call Writing

Chapter 7 Bull Spreads

Chapter 8 Bear Spreads Using Call Options

Chapter 9 Calendar Spreads

Chapter 10 The Butterfly Spread

Chapter 11 Ratio Call Spreads

Chapter 12 Combining Calendar and Ratio Spreads

Chapter 13 Reverse Spreads

Chapter 14 Diagonalizing a Spread

Part III Put Option Strategies

Chapter 15 Put Option Basics

Chapter 16 Put Option Buying

Chapter 17 Put Buying in Conjunction with Common Stock Ownership

Chapter 18 Buying Puts in Conjunction with Call Purchases

Chapter 19 The Sale of a Put

Chapter 20 The Sale of a Straddle

Chapter 21 Synthetic Stock Positions Created by Puts and Calls

Chapter 22 Basic Put Spreads

Chapter 23 Spreads Combining Calls and Puts

Chapter 24 Ratio Spreads Using Puts

Chapter 25 LEAPS

Part IV Additional Considerations

Chapter 26 Buying Options and Treasury Bills

Chapter 27 Arbitrage

Chapter 28 Mathematical Applications

Part V Index Options and Futures

Chapter 29 Introduction to Index Option Products and Futures

Chapter 30 Stock Index Hedging Strategies

Chapter 31 Index Spreading

Chapter 32 Structured Products

Chapter 33 Mathematical Considerations for Index Products

Chapter 34 Futures and Futures Options

Chapter 35 Futures Option Strategies for Future Spreads

Part VI Measuring and Trading Volatility

Chapter 36 Measuring and Trading Volatility

Chapter 37 How Volatility Affects Popular Strategies

Chapter 38 The Distribution of Stock Prices

Chapter 39 Volatility Trading Techniques

Chapter 40 Advanced Concepts

Chapter 41 Taxes

Chapter 42 The Best Strategy?

Part VII


Appendix A Strategy Summary

Appendix B Equivalent Positions

Appendix C Formulae

Appendix D Graphs

Appendix E Qualified Covered Calls

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