A Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance

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A Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance


Author Nanette Beech’s “A Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance” is an accessible, heavy-jargon-free guide targeted at a female demographic that aims at giving them the right directions in the simplest of steps to manage and maintain personal finances. “A Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance” provides readers with easy-to-read fundamentals and basic practices to ensure a secure future. From paychecks to bank processes, Nanette Beech’s “A Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance” explains it all through relatable experiences from her everyday life. A great starter guide overall, “A Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance,” is chock-full of common sense and invaluable wisdom that is sure to prevent anyone without a background in finance to stay out of debt as fast as they can. 

About the Author

Nanette Joell (Joey) Beech combines personal stories as a daughter and a mother with her professional experience to help others live a financially functional life. She wrote “A Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance” to share important financial lessons of life in an interesting and meaningful way. The result is a book about the money you’ll enjoy.

Joey has a business education degree from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and over 25 years of professional experience.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Section 1: Money Isn’t Everything
    • Chapter 1: Why Money Matters
    • Chapter 2: What Money Is and What It Isn’t
    • Chapter 3: The Math is Simple
  • Section 2: Keeping What You Earn
    • Chapter 4: Pay Yourself First
    • Chapter 5: Understanding Your Paycheck
    • Chapter 6: Credit – Know the Score
    • Chapter 7 – Where to Keep Your Money
    • Chapter 8 – Budget to Know Where You Are
    • Chapter 9 – Shop Smart
    • Chapter 10 – Assets versus Liabilities
    • Chapter 11 – Big Buys
    • Chapter 12 – Dealing with Debt
    • Chapter 13 – Insures for a Good Night’s Sleep
  • Section 3: Make Your Money Grow
    • Chapter 14 – The Magic of Saving and Investing
    • Chapter 15 – Understand Your Retirement Accounts
    • Chapter 16 – Investing Terms You Need to Know
    • Chapter 17: How Much is Enough
    • Chapter 18: Don’t Let Fear Sidetrack You
    • Chapter 19: What’s It To You?
  • Section 4: Tidbits and Resources
    • Chapter 20: Time is Money, Spend it Wisely
    • Chapter 21: Wisdom of the Ages
    • Chapter 22: Tools and Resources
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Author

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