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Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist

Review Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist



The long, illustrious story of Warren Buffett is still the number one inspiration in the field of investment. All the way from rock bottom, he managed to accumulate what may be considered decades-worth of wealth through simple steps of carefully picking the most viable stocks and company. Through his careful and well-thought strategies, he acquired an atrocious amount of fortune and landed himself a net worth of $10 billion, which continues to grow over time. His commendable and rather notable undertaking in the field of investment made him an esteemed and focal figure in the world of finance. Much, he made it big through interesting contradictions, a rich man with a humble lifestyle, a successful investor who opted out engagements with Wall Street, and a seasoned dealer who leads a simple life. 

Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist exposes the personal strategies that Warren Buffett utilized, commonly centered in undervalued stock purchases. This book used a new lens in bringing out interesting experiences and histories in the life of Buffett. Using thirty-year-old insights from Buffett’s relatives, friends, and colleagues, the author managed to present another look in the life and career of the master investor, all while proposing an ideology that anyone can follow his investment legacy. 

About the Author

ROGER LOWENSTEIN has a decade of experience in reporting for The Wall Street Journal. He is now working as a writer in Smart Money magazine. Formerly, he produced articles for Journal’s opinion/editorial column with topics commonly focused on the stock market. He has also written various financial-oriented articles for the New York Times, The New Republic, and other print media. 

Table of Contents


• Chapter 1- Omaha

• Chapter 2- Runaway

• Chapter 3- Graham

• Chapter 4- Beginnings

• Chapter 5- Partners

• Chapter 6- Go-Go

• Chapter 7- Berkshire Hathaway

• Chapter 8- Return of the Native

• Chapter 9- Alter Ego

• Chapter 10- Washington Redux 

• Chapter 11- Press Lord

• Chapter 12- Partners, Redux

• Chapter 13- The Carpet Woman

• Chapter 14- The Eighties

• Chapter 15- Public and Private

• Chapter 16- Crash

• Chapter 17- A Brief Introduction to Darts 

• Chapter 18- Secrets of the Temple 

• Chapter 19- Howie Buffett’s Corn

• Chapter 20- Rhinophobia

• Chapter 21- The King

• Chapter 22- Salomon’s Court

• Chapter 23- Buffett’s Trolley

Afterword: January 2008



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