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FXDD Broker Overview

FXDD, a brokerage company located in Malta, offers Foreign Exchange and Contract for Difference as its flagship solutions.  While its services are made available for large markets, it primarily provides trading solutions for retail and institutional traders. More so, its services are specifically designed for hedge funds, financial managers, and white labels. 

After its successful debut in 2002, it immediately acquired registration and license from the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). It also filed its brand “FXDD Europe” under the EU Markets through the Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID).  After almost two decades of providing optimum financial service, the company had gained recognition from various award-giving bodies in the industry. Last 2012, it was hailed as the most trusted Forex broker in Europe. Its platform was also recognized as the Best New Platform by Banking and Finance Review. 

FXDD Broker Overview

FXDD’s Account Selection 

According to FXDD’s official website, it offers two live accounts. The Standard account is commission-free and has low spreads, while its ECN account provides extremely low and direct raw spreads. While these two accounts are available on MetaTrader, the Standard account cannot be used in WebTrader. 

Standard Account– This type of account is ideal for retail and self-directed traders. Despite its low-spreading and commission-free conditions, FXDD’s Standard account is wired with high quality features that make trading optimum and efficient. These features include 0-slippage entry orders, fill-or-kill execution, and price accelerations. 

ECN Account- FXDD is one of the few brokerage firms that offer Electronic Communications Network account. This only charges small percentage of commission for every trade, and it has no markup. This also came advantageous since it functions through increased level of speed and an excellent fill rate of 99%. More so, price accelerations are available for limit orders and it does not require partial fills.

Platform Selection

MetaTrader 4- FXDD is a MeTaTrader-powered platform. By offering the MT4, clients are provided with optimum trading experience through accurate charting and diversified financial instruments. This is preferred by both manual and automated traders since it also enables Expert Advisors for scripting. On top of this, clients may enjoy a leverage ratio starting from 1:1 up to a maximum of 1:500. Moreover, installation would not come taxing as it is available in different operating systems including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. 

MetaTrader 5- This is an upgraded version of the MetaTrader 4, with charting tools made more precise for better trading experience. Its multi-asset interface allows users to conduct fundamental and technical analyses using strategy tester, economic news, and calendars. It also houses built-in marketplace, completely reducing the hassle of installing add-ons for support. 

WebTrader- FXDD also provides its own proprietary desktop platform. Much of the features in this platform were pegged from the MetaTrader and this is good for traders wanting to use a different interface. It can be installed on different operating systems, and it fully executes position-based trading system. 

ZuluTrade– While the aforementioned platforms facilitate manual trading, ZuluTrade is intended for automated trading. This is one of the best alternatives for those who want to trade with the help of winning strategies. More so, it functions through sophisticated metrics that renders strong automated profile.

FXDD Broker Overview


What came to be the most impressive feature that FFXD offers is its Expert Advisors. Through the help of this technology, automatic implementation of trading algorithms is enabled. In addition to this, all trade signals are executed through remote servers, reducing the screen time of clients without compromising productivity.  This is available in both the Standard and the ECN account.

Another feature that FXDD takes pride in is its Exposure Meter. This comprehensively outlines portfolios’ leverage chart should there be a simultaneous opening of strategies. It projects a scale of 0 to 100, and any trade that places above the 80 mark is considered excessive. Meanwhile, FXDD’s AutoChartist meticulously scans charts to identify possible patterns. This may be utilized together with a custom indicator for better and more precise readings. 


   FXDD lives up to its promise of providing optimum financial solutions for every kind of traders. While its account selection lags behind other brokers, this only comes as a minimal setback since they are loaded with premium features. More so, its generous platform selection stands as one of the most impressive within the industry. Putting an emphasis on its low minimum requirements, it can be concluded that FXDD deserves a sound subscription.

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