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Market Wizards Series


Of all the trading books featured and are available in the market, there are two that are most recommended and are considered to be the best books in trading. One of the two is Market Wizards, written by Jack Schwager.

The first published Market Wizards was in 1989. This very first version entailed several interviews with some of the best traders, including Ed Sekyota, Bruce Kovner, Michael Marcus, and Paul Tudor Jones.

Market Wizards became a sensational book that Schwager made a series of the original, as seen above. The Market Wizards series has been the most talked-about trading book and remains to be one of the most significant publications in the financial industry.

About the Author

Jack Schwager is a known American author and trader. He is considered to be an expert it the trading industry, especially in futures and hedge funds. He is one of the founders of Fund Seeder, a platform created to search for trading talent across the globe and connect profitable traders with sources of investment capital. He also served as a director of Futures research in Prudential Securities.

Table of Contents

Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders contains the following:

Part I Futures and Currencies

Taking the Mystery Out of Futures 

The Interbank Currency Market Defined

Michael Marcus: Blighting Never Strikes Twice

Bruce Kovner: The World Trader

Richard Dennis: A Legend Retires

Paul Tudor Jones: The Art of Aggressive Trading

Gary Bielfeldt: Yes, They Do Trade T-Bonds in Peoria

Ed Seykota: Everybody Gets What They Want

Larry Hite: Respecting Risk

Part II Mostly Stocks

Michael Steinhardt: The Concept of Variant Perception

William O’Neil: The Art of Stock Selection

David Ryan: Stock Investment as a Treasure Hunt

Marty Schwartz: Champion Trader

Part III A Little Bit of Everything

James B. Rogers, Jr.: Buying Value and Selling Hysteria

Mark Weinstein: High-Percentage Trader

Part IV The View from the Floor

Brian Gelber: Broker Turned Trader

Tom Baldwin: The Fearless Pit Trader

Tony Saliba: “One-Lot” Triumphs

Part V The Psychology of Trading

Dr. Van K. Tharp: The Psychology of Trading

The Trade: A Personal Experience

Postscript: Dreams and Trading

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