Money Honey: A Simple 7-Step Guide For Getting Your Financial $hit Together by Rachel Richards


Money Honey is a walkthrough to the delicate world of personal finance and the road to financial freedom. As the title suggests, the book presents a seven-step guide to help you fix your financial leaks and live a financially secure life by making sound financial decisions.

Specifically, the book aims to enlighten you on how to:

  • Double your income and cut your expenses into half
  • Consolidate your loans and lower your interest rate 
  • Trade in stock markets;
  • Plan for your retirement, etc.

This book promises to be a good source of knowledge for becoming financially responsible and successful. Do not miss the opportunity to know about personal finance while having fun reading this guide.

About the Author

Rachel Richards is a business manager, investor, and financial advisor. She began her journey in the financial sector at the age of 18, investing in the stock markets. At present, she empowers individuals by writing compelling books on finance.

Table of Contents

The book presents the following contents:

Section One: Introduction

1 Hello, It’s Me

Section Two: Savings

2 Badass Budgeting

3 Savings: Anotha Day Anotha Dolla

Section Three: Debt

4 There is No Good Debt. Only Tolerable Debt.

5 Credit Score: a GPA For Your Finances

6 Student Debt – Fannie Mae, Mae, Go Away

7 Credit Cards – Friend or Foe?

8 Debt – A Smorgasbord

Section Four: Investing

9 Say Hello to Stocks and Bonds

10 Mutual Funds, Index Funds, & Which One is Your New Best Friend

11 Four Golden Rules for Investing

12 The Art of Investing

13 How to Make Your First Trade Like a Boss

14 Retirement – A New Definition

 Section Five: Taxes & Insurance

15 Taxes Don’t Have to be Taxing

16 Don’t Be Stupid; Be Insured

Section Six: Strategy

17 The Money Honey Plan: 7 Simple Steps

18 The Money Honey Plan in Action

19 Get Started Now – What to Expect

20 Dear Rachel Advice Column

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