Tifia Markets Analysis

Tifia Markets is a well-established offshore Forex and CFD broker that has been active in the trading industry since 2011. Its headquarters are located in the Republic of Vanuatu. The brand is owned and operated by Tifia Investments Limited, a company incorporated and registered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Tifia Markets provides its customers with the most transparent working conditions in the Forex market. The activities of this broker rule out the possibility of conflict of interest between the broker and the trader. Tifia Markets allows its customers to perform the most profitable trading activity in the Forex market. It is the reason why Tifia Markets is very popular among Forex traders.

According to its website, Tifia Markets serves 130,000 traders from 187 countries. The services of this broker are not available for the residents of the United States, Canada, Israel, Belgium, and Japan. However, Tifia Markets is very popular in Asian countries especially in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. 

Tifia Markets Analysis

Tifia Markets Regulation

Tifia Markets is registered and licensed as a dealer for securities transactions by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs of the Republic of Vanuatu. The company is regulated under the Dealers in Securities Licensing Act (CAP.70). This Forex broker license allows the brokerage firm to carry out a full list of broker and dealer services, including operations with foreign currency, 

Tifia Markets Financial Instruments

Traditional trading assets of Tifia Markets:

  • 35+ Currency Pairs – Based on major and minor world currencies
  • 11 Indices CFDs – Based on baskets of different blue-chip stocks 
  • 2 Metal CFDs – Based on Gold and Silver
  • 2 Energy CFDs – Based on Crude Oil (WTI and Brent)

In terms of trading instruments, Tifia Markets offers a wide selection of financial assets. It covers all of the most popular assets in trading including major and minor Forex currency pairs, commodities (gold, silver, and crude oil), and some major stock indices. 

All of the instruments available from Tifia Markets can be traded on either the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or MetaTrader 5 (MT5). MT4 and MT5 are two of the best-known platforms in Forex trading. As all experienced traders know, these two platforms both come with huge integrated marketplaces for Expert Advisors (EAs) and trading algorithms developed by different third parties. Although both platforms are popular in the trading community, MetaTrader 4 has remained the most used platform as it offers several technical indicators, extensive back-testing environment, and a more advanced charting package. MT4 is also equipped with the most commonly used trading robots, as well as with the options to create new ones. MT4 and MT5 platforms are available for download in Windows, Apple, and Android. 

Tifia Markets Analysis

Tifia Markets Trading Conditions 

Tifia provides its clients with an exceptional service of segregated accounts. This type of account is tailored to ensure the safety of trader’s funds under any major force circumstances by segregating a percentage of its client’s investments. 

This broker allows using trading strategies such as scalping, automated EA trading, news trading, and arbitrage. Tifia Market’s customers enjoy complete freedom and convenience in trading regardless of their strategies.

The clients of this broker could make sure sure that their work in the Forex market will be smooth and uninterrupted since there are no re-quotes when executing orders at Tifia Markets. The opportunity to close or open a trade immediately enables clients to react to market fluctuations as fast as possible, which is an essential condition for success in the Forex market. 

In Tifia Markets, clients are also allowed to hedge positions partially or in full. Hedging allows traders to reduce the risk of losing money in unprofitable trades and thus insures client’s deposits.

Lastly, Tifia Markets provides the tightest spreads for major Forex instruments. This brokerage firm strives to keep competitive rates under any market trading conditions and deliver high-quality services.

Tifia Markets Analysis


Overall, Tifia Markets is a brokerage firm that has kept a presence in the market for a long time now and knows how the Forex trading industry works. It has many notable advantages over its competitors. The trading conditions of this broker are good, but its product portfolio is somewhat limited. However, it must be noted that it would be better if Tifia Markets has a more extensive selection of trading assets but its offer is not bad for an offshore broker.

Tifia Markets provides its traders with unique segregated accounts, capable of providing security for its trader’s funds whatever possible issues may arise. The broker made this strategy to protect and isolate the funds of its customers. It makes Tifia Markets a more reliable Forex broker to trade in the industry. It is duly-regulated, that is why most traders choose this broker.

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