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DowMarkets Review – Pros, Cons and Verdict

When trading online, one must always be sure of the brokers he plans on working with. If there are any doubts, there might be a risk of losing your investment. That is why we have prepared a DowMarkets review to let our readers learn more about this broker.

A Word About Dowmarkets

The broker is a company with more than 10 years of experience. It offers many trading opportunities for all clients. Many articles and materials on trading overall are provided for even non-registered users. DowMarkets also holds webinars to assist traders in various topics.

Opening the dowmarkets.com site, we can see that it really is a professional company. The website is well-made, has detailed info about the company, shows offered opportunities for traders, and provides enough information for future clients.

What Do People Say About DowMarkets?

The best way to find out whether you can trust service is by reading user opinions about it. We have searched several professional trading forums to gather the thoughts of experts, and this is what we found.

Nickname: kmgilroy89

I have invested in many projects. DowMarkets is one of them. My partners were sure that DowMarkets is a scam because they couldn’t find any old news about it online. I know the company from some other services, so I was sure I could invest here. The gold account seemed to be the most suitable option because it gave access to all the assets, offered lower spreads and trading signals. In the first month, I was able to make a profit of $2000 from the $10 000 invested. In three months, I withdrew all the money I had put in the service and continued trading with what I had earned by that time. 

My idea was to make some long-term investments that would bring a couple of dollars each month. I check my DowMarkets account once in a week to see whether everything is all right: I set up my stop-loss and take-profit instruments to prevent unwanted situations. Each month near $1000 is withdrawn. You could call that passive income.”

Nickname: maxinger

“I’ve been trading since 2009. You could say that I have the same experience as DowMarkets because of that. My first investment with this broker was $250. I didn’t need access to all the features offered in the other account levels: I was only interested in forex and crypto. Well, even now, it’s still the same, but I have a higher account level due to the sums earned. The withdrawals were always on time.

I visited several webinars held by DowMarkets, there was nothing new for me. Although, I guess it would be useful for beginners. A couple of times their analyst offered me some training but I refused. I earn enough without changing anything and I like it.”

There also was a user who did not have any trading experience when he registered on DowMarkets. Here is what he says:

Nickname: And3ey

Forex always seemed to be a scam to me. I decided to try it out on my own after a friend of mine showed off about his earnings in forex. I googled “Forex trading online” and found DowMarkets as a suggested broker. 

I started with the minimum entry-level. Someone contacted me and explained the trading basics. He also told me I could read some articles to learn more and sent me a list of them. That’s when I formed my first strategy and earned $100 with it. Later on, I kept improving my skills and got the hang of it. Currently, my withdrawal record is $500 a month. It’s a good addition to a student.”

You can find other DowMarkets customer reviews online too!

Advantages of Trading With DowMarkets

It is hard to point out each pro of the service. We have prepared a shortlist of what we liked during the creation of this forex review:

  • Low entry sum (only $250)
  • An analyst contacts each trader and gives valuable information for beginners and professionals
  • Access to desktop, web, and mobile platforms
  • Availability of forex, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies
  • Trading signals
  • Trading instruments
  • User-friendly design

Disadvantages of Trading With DowMarkets

Some of the disadvantages that we managed to find are:

  • The MT4 platform is unavailable for the “Start” account level
  • Not all articles are available in different languages
  • The spreads get noticeably lower only starting with the “Gold” account level

However, these drawbacks do not really impact the trading process.

Is DowMarkets A Scam?

First of all, the answer is no, DowMarkets is not a scam. We can see this for several reasons:

  1. Customer reviews
  2. Real payouts
  3. Professional website, instruments, materials
  4. Live trading data

These are the smallest reasons to prove that DowMarkets is a legit broker. If you still have some doubts, try working with the minimum investment sum to minimize risks.

Why Are There Negative Reviews On DowMarkets?

Browsing the Internet to find user opinions, we found some negative feedback. We were surprised when we found out the true reasons behind this. 

For instance, there was a user who claimed that DowMarkets is a cheat because they do not give his money back. When we contacted him for more details, it appeared that he lost his investment because of a mistake in his own strategy. He ignored the advice given by his analyst on the DowMarkets site, and all his trades failed. As he said, the company has to give his money back because “it is not his fault.”

Another example is about a user who said that the DowMarkets is a fraud because he did not get access to the VIP trading instruments. These are given to traders with investments bigger than $100 000. This user, however, invested only $5000. Instead of leaving a real review of the service, he decided to lie and blame DowMarkets.


We do not publish screenshots from private messaging! Do not be like these people. If you make a mistake, admit it and keep on going.


DowMarkets is an innovative and legit broker that offers a ton of opportunities for all customers. There are many useful instruments, two platforms, a lot of educational materials. All this contributes to successful trading for everyone.

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