Financial Literacy for Millennials

Review Financial Literacy for Millennials


Financial Literacy for Millennials


This is a modern introductory book on consumer finance and personal money management which target audience is from teens to adults, basically millennials. It combines sound financial advice with the right information to convey the essential aspects of personal finance. 

The book provides updated information about personal finance aspects, namely savings, budgeting, debt, and investment. But it goes beyond the fundamentals of the really important life lessons that concern real-world application. These include planning a career, doing a startup or a business, and even how to prevent getting scammed. 

This book also includes lessons about the tax system, bankruptcy, and other legal issues that young adults can learn at an early age to get them better prepared for the future.

This book covers all the fundamentals of personal finance and money management and is greatly recommended for young people. It takes highly important topics about personal finance and condenses them into concise discussions. 

Some topics which might come across as complicated to young adults have been discussed in a brief but detailed manner, allowing young readers to follow the pace of the author and understand it clearly. This book is reader-friendly, with the clear language and as an introductory book. It is highly beneficial to young people that are only beginning to understand the concept of personal financial management. 

About the Author

ANDREW O. SMITH, MBA-JD is a financial advisor, trustee, and licensed attorney. He gives advice to individuals, trust funds, investment partnerships, real-estate partnerships, estates, insurance trusts, and limited-liability corporations.

Table of Contents


Prologue: A Tale of Two Teens

ONE: Financial Planning

TWO: Careers

THREE: Business and Entrepreneurship

FOUR: Savings and Banking

FIVE: Budgeting and Spending

SIX: Credit and Debt

SEVEN: Bankruptcy

EIGHT: Investments

NINE: Avoiding Financial Scams

TEN: Insurance


TWELVE: Government Benefits

THIRTEEN: Legal Issues

FOURTEEN: Growing Older

APPENDIX 1: Website Content

APPENDIX 2: Takeaway Tips

APPENDIX 3: Curriculum Planning


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